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Company life |

BulldozAIR attends BATIMAT 2017!

BATIMAT, the most important trade show for the construction industry in Europe, comes back in 2017 at the Exhibition Centre…

Best practices |

Accountability: the path to a successful business

Out of the plethora of capabilities required for managers, accountability represents the single most important skill to ensure the good…

Product |

New release: Selective Sync + Project Duplication

At BulldozAIR, we are always striving to help you achieve your operational excellence, fight oversights and eliminate delays. To that…

Events |

Apero Chantier becomes InnoShakers

The construction sector has opted to enter the digital age to face growing productivity and security challenges. As a result,…

Company life |

BulldozAIR and the French Building Federation at “24 heures du Bâtiment”

The French Building Federation (FFB) represents over 57-thousand companies from all over France. Its members are responsible for nearly two-thirds…

Product |

Three new features that will revolutionize your productivity

There are many things affecting productivity in construction. Fatigue, constant mobilization of employees, inconsistent work schedules and lack of supervision…

Best practices |

Employee engagement: the secret productivity tool of construction

Most businesses recognize employee engagement as a critical issue for any enterprise success. After-work activities and satisfaction surveys are a…

Innovation |

DataCity: Paris innovates to bring sustainability

Cities have revolutionized the way we live. They offer access to clean water, electricity, public transportation and the internet, hence…

Innovation |

A new airport dragon: Beijing Daxing International

China is the second largest economy in the world, largely due to its focus on manufacturing alongside a low-price strategy…

Best practices |

Preparing your construction team for digital tools

In today’s connected world, we can access relevant information at any time, communicate with someone on the opposite side of…

Innovation |

Revolutionizing biodiesel with algae

Nowadays, sustainability is a big concern for everyone. From the agricultural industry to the manufacturing one, pollution and overexploitation of…

Innovation |

Solving the never-ending traffic problem with tunnels

Americans spend almost 42 hours in traffic every year which can even double for places with heavy traffic such as…