BulldozAIR and the French Building Federation at “24 heures du Bâtiment”

The French Building Federation (FFB) represents over 57-thousand companies from all over France. Its members are responsible for nearly two-thirds of the construction industry’s revenue and workforce. Its influence and importance in the construction sector are the reason behind the event “24 heures du Bâtiment” that the FFB hosts every four years. This event brings together over 5,000 people from different backgrounds but all with the same passion in common: construction.

The primary objective of this prestigious event is to gather construction professionals from different areas and shed some light on specific industry’s issues such as growth and future development through the use of panels and discussions.

COPYRIGHT: PRO BTP – Luc Maréchaux

This year, the 4th edition of this influential event took place on October 6th at the Congress Palace in Paris. BulldozAIR had the excellent opportunity to attend thanks to ProBTP, the leading insurance group of the building and civil engineering sector. The event gathered 57 exponents, 4,000 artisans and business owners from all over France as well as government officials such as the Minister of Territorial Cohesion Jacques Mézard, the Secretary of State and attaché of the Minister of Territorial Cohesion Julien Denormandie and the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, whom BulldozAIR had the great opportunity to briefly meet.

COPYRIGHT: PRO BTP – Luc Maréchaux

The themes discussed revolved around future development and growth of the sector, focusing on topics such as government policies regarding public housing, self-employment opportunities, posted workers, the development of metropolises, the digital transition in the industry among many other related topics.

This great ceremony allowed BulldozAIR to meet many more ProBTP team members, including ProBTP CEO Hervé Naerhuysen, and to consolidate the common vision of value generation for their common clients. Additionally, BulldozAIR was able to offer important participants such as Lafarge, Kiloutou and L’Auxiliaire a tangible proof of the importance of innovation for the construction sector.

COPYRIGHT: PRO BTP – Luc Maréchaux

In conclusion, this incredible opportunity allowed BulldozAIR to gather great knowledge and obtain a better understanding of the current situation of the construction industry in France. It offered as well a great networking platform to share ideas and stay updated on all the changes and innovations that occurred in the sector.

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