Bulldozair starts afresh!

We are very happy to share our new corporate identity with you! Starting today. In the following weeks we are gradually going to change our image on the various Bulldozair platforms. Obviously, we were very fond of our former logos and colours; and since 2012, Bulldozair has come a long way.

Why this choice?

“Rebranding: a step forward in our global growth strategy”

For years, Bulldozair has been associated to pure construction sites supervision. However, our solution has grown up, evolved towards new industries such as property, energy, infrastructure, distribution, transport and health projects, not forgetting our historic sectors.

“The evolution of our clients and users”

Our clientele has also grown. Now, Bulldozair is not only intended for construction stakeholders, by also for the office teams. We are now used by project ownership, general contractors, companies and even operators.

“Towards a more complete platform”

We are also continuously developing new modules regarding project management: planning, processes and documents management… a more complete solution that is not limited to construction site supervision, but that covers the entire life cycle of a project, from the design / preparation phase to the operation of assets, by way of construction phases.

All these evolutions are the result of many internal considerations, but mostly of your requests and feedbacks! It seemed important for us to make our ergonomics and image simpler in order to get closer to the reality of our platform’s current users and to anticipate our goal: a 360° construction project management tool.

Our new corporate identity: minimalist and modern!


Our new Bulldozair logo is a graphic representation of our methodology, you can find:

The B from Bulldozair.

The progress bars representing the monitoring of projects and tasks progress.
A speech bubble to represent the collaboration and exchanges among users.

Une bulle de discussion, pour montrer la collaboration et les échanges entre utilisateurs.

The entire Bulldozair team, reinforced with new tech, product, sales or marketing profiles, is now working on exclusive subjects. Gradually, our website and iOS and Android apps will start matching our new corporate identity. Some nice surprises to come, stay tuned!

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