New integration between Bulldozair and Mezzoteam CDE

A shared goal, to facilitate the digitalization of business processes in the construction industry


The two historic players in construction tech, Mezzoteam, experts in CDE and BIM, and Bulldozair, experts in construction site monitoring and control, announce the interoperability of their tools for a collaborative experience between construction sites and the office.

Why this partnership?

Nicolas Delmas, Director of Prosys, reflects on the origin of this offering, “We realized that many of our clients were using the Bulldozair solution alongside Mezzoteam. So, we worked hand in hand with Bulldozair and our clients to enable them to get the best out of using these two complementary tools.

Ali El Hariri, CEO of Bulldozair, adds, “Partnering with Mezzoteam seemed obvious: Our exceptional projects use Mezzoteam. Clients MOE, MOA, and General Companies asked us to develop a bridge to get the best of both worlds: a powerful EDM combined with our mobile and web software, which captures construction site data (photos, forms, reports…). With this connector, we guarantee that operators can use the right plans on the construction site autonomously, simply, and quickly.

What advantages does this offer clients?

  1. During construction monitoring, the connection between the latest plan versions from Mezzoteam and the annotations made by Bulldozair allows you to have a complete view of the project at all times.
  2. Time-saving: The last approved plan is easily accessible without tedious searching!
  3. You work peacefully, assured of having the latest plan versions… The risk of error is eliminated!
  4. Ultimately, it’s the project that gains in quality.

During the reception of works, especially during punchlist or quality control phases, stakeholders must be absolutely certain they are working on the latest approved plans. With the connector, the approved plan from Mezzoteam is automatically available on Bulldozair. The management of OPR is facilitated and secured!

During the delivery of the digital as-built, available on Mezzoteam, the HSE control sheets from Bulldozair are also integrated. The as-built is complete and reliable!

Finally, the construction site reports generated via Bulldozair are available on Mezzoteam! You can be certain that all data from your project is centralized in your EDM.

You are advised and supported to ensure your project is a success!

The DNA of Mezzoteam & Bulldozair is to support you in this digital transition by combining tools and industry expertise

Learn more about Mezzoteam GED

Mezzoteam is a Common Data Environment that allows thousands of users in more than 50 countries to collaborate effectively throughout the construction and operation of structures. As each project is unique, the Mezzoteam solution adapts to all situations and needs (cloud or on-premise, standard or custom settings, etc.).

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Learn more about Bulldozair

Bulldozair is a collaborative construction monitoring software. The web and mobile application enables simplified construction monitoring, localized controls on plans and geolocated maps (e.g., OPR), and the digitization of QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment) controls. Bulldozair makes life easier for operational staff from the field to the office and collects essential data from your construction sites (progress, indicators, performance…). Our main references: EGIS, SETEC, ARTELIA, INGEROP, VINCI, APRR, RATP, SNCF, EDF DALKIA, TOTALENERGIES, ARKEMA, LIDL, CARREFOUR…

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