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Innovation |

What is cloud computing and how it can help construction businesses?

Listening to your songs using Spotify; storing all your pictures in Google Photo and carrying all your work documents anywhere…

Innovation |

Flammable ice: a greener approach to fossil fuels

Fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas are our primary source of energy. Yet, oil and coal impose great…

Best practices |

Planning your project: 5 steps to success

People have a tendency to underestimate time. We tend to be overconfident of our abilities and ignore smaller details that…

Company life |

BulldozAIR in French Guiana: Innova’Tech 2017

Innova’Tech, a pioneer of events in French Guiana dedicated to tech and innovations aimed at the construction industry, comes back…

Best practices |

Ten ways to overcome the open office dilemma

Open offices were invented in the early 20th century by a group of German architects who saw walls as barriers…

Product |

A modernized sync process to ensure the reliability of your data

Dealing with large amounts of data through Internet API calls can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. However, thanks to…

Company life |

BulldozAIR invited to the biggest tech event in France

The second edition of Viva Technology is around the corner. Starting from June 15th until the 17th, Viva Technology is…

News |

Five must-see TV shows for professionals in construction

On the television, YouTube or any other streaming services, new shows are being released every day, turning the decision of…

Innovation |

Smart cities: The future of urban development

When we imagine the future, we tend to think of holograms, robots, and flying cars. Nevertheless, traditional technological advances, while…

Company life |

BulldozAIR featured in “What If…?” by Business France

Business France is a public-private establishment aimed at supporting businesses expand abroad. Every year, it helps over 10 000 SMEs…

Best practices |

The right way to implement a collaborative approach

Collaboration is an incredibly intangible but powerful asset for any business as it can improve problem-solving, creativity, productivity and even…

Innovation |

Stronger roads using recycled plastics

In today’s industrial world, pollution represents a real threat to our planet’s wildlife, and even to our own health. There…