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News |

Turning LAX into a world class airport

LAX or Los Angeles International airport is located in the southwestern area of Los Angeles. It currently holds the title…

Product |

The newest way to geolocate your notes

At BulldozAIR, we are passionate about making your work easier. This is why, we constantly work hard to continue offering…

Product |

New amazing features to optimize your time

The updates cannot seem to stop here at BulldozAIR! We are back with yet another great update of our Web…

Product |

A brand-new way to manage your zones

Our team has been working very hard to improve your experience with BulldozAIR and finally, we are happy to announce…

Best practices |

Why we need good managers and how to be one

Recently, employee’s engagement levels have been dropping consistently. This situation does not only cost companies millions of dollars in recruiting…

Innovation |

Technology for safer sites

Working in construction is dangerous. Only in 2014 in the U.S., 20.5% of work-related fatalities were attributed to the construction…

Best practices |

10 Tips to stop procrastinating and make your time count

Many of us have woken up and said to ourselves “I must work on that project” or “I have to…

Innovation |

Hyperloop: Closer than you would think

The transportation industry was going through a rough patch, innovation had slowed down and, even though developments never stopped, these…

News |

Grand Paris Express

Climate change and pollution are a constant concern all over the world and many countries are starting to change their…

News |

Expo 2020 Dubai

Buildings like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Atomium in Brussels or even the Unisphere in New York city now…

Innovation |

The future is modular

Nowadays, time is probably one of the scarcest resources. Businesses are always in a hurry as demand keeps rising and…

Innovation |

Roads with solar panels

Today, solar energy has gained an incredible amount of popularity. Traditional sources of energy like petroleum derivates are not only…