BulldozAIR is proud to sponsor InnoShakers’ first event

In an increasingly competitive environment, construction businesses need to focus on productivity. They must reduce their costs as well as continuously improve the quality offered to their clients.

During past years, the industry has undergone many technological advancements. Nowadays, the use of mobile devices on the field along with BIM (Building Information Modeling), 3D printing, and virtual reality is pervasive. Soon, drones will fly over sites carrying heavy materials or evaluating advances in projects. New visual and collaborative solutions such as BulldozAIR are now available to help you monitor your projects, optimize your time commuting or generating reports and enhancing collaboration among your teams.

Most players in the construction sector are convinced that innovation is crucial for increasing productivity and improving the safety of their employees. New technological advancements can also encourage greater challenges. Nevertheless, many players from the industry are only beginners in the use of these new technologies. Hence today, the critical need for businesses to share their experience and best practices in order to modernize job sites quickly.

InnoShakers is offering construction professionals the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge and experience. For this reason, BulldozAIR is proud to sponsor InnoShakers 1st event which explores the topic: “Building 4.0: The impact of innovation on productivity on the field”. This after-work will take place on November 14th from 5:30 p.m. at Les Turbulentes, 136 rue de Lourmel, Paris 15.

Les Turbulentes

On this occasion, we will introduce BulldozAIR, the construction management solution for field crews, and present you with the latest features to help you reach your operational excellence. Our appearance will be followed by presentations given by many recognized construction experts who’ve proved their passion for innovation.

We’ll have the pleasure to share the stage with Aurélie Guillon, responsible for the innovation initiatives at the group SETEC. Committed to innovation from the very beginning, SETEC was one of the first recognized players to offer us its support. The group remains very open to new initiatives and continually reinforces its position as a driver of innovation. Aurélie will share her vision of the evolution of the industry and detail the latest initiatives from SETEC to answer the challenges emerging from the new technological environment.

During the conferences, Roland Le Roux, Head of Open Innovation at Bouygues Construction will share the vision of the group that put innovation at the core of their strategy.
Aurélien Mokrycki, Head of Works Department for the same group, will also intervene to share his experience on implementing a lean construction process in one of his projects. The discussion between these 3 experts will offer participants the exclusive opportunity to witness the contrast between the different perceptions from the office and the field. The exchange will be moderated by Thomas Le Diouron, CEO and founder of IMPULSE Partners, one of the major actors of innovation ecosystems in the construction sector.

Panasonic, the creator of technological solutions such as the Toughbooks and ToughPads that help improve productivity on the field, is also another proud sponsor of this event. Laurent Riou, Key team Manager France & Iberia of the Computer Product Solutions BU, will present how the group is facing the recent changes in the sector as well as the latest evolution of its range of products.

One of InnoShakers’ goal is to highlight the latest and most innovative solutions on the market. To that end, several startups will also take advantage of the event to present their solutions to all participants. Among the startups pitching on November 14th, we can find Les Companions who created Painter, a robot to help painters on their daily tasks and XtreeE, star of large-scale 3D printing.

For more information on the event or the registration process, please visit the dedicated page on the InnoShakers website.

We are looking forward to meeting you on November 14th.

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