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Innovation |

The future belongs to augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that integrates digital information into the real world with a help of media, such…

Uncategorized |

Top 5 Biggest construction projects in the world

Nowadays there’s lots of construction going in different parts of the world. Today we would like to present 5 biggest…

Uncategorized |

Construction and Acceptance as the final stage in construction project

We continue our series of articles about construction process. In this article we will talk about the final and the…

Uncategorized |

Design in the construction project

We continue our series of articles about construction process. Now we will present next level in construction that is design…

Uncategorized |

All Participants in construction project

As a matter of fact, construction is a long and difficult process and it has specific vocabulary with which you…

Product |

BulldozAIR Features Update: Send note via email

Our product and tech teams continuously works to make our application better, smarter and more convenient to use. Here we…

Uncategorized |

Nîmes-Montpelier bypass and BulldozAIR

We are pleased that for project management purposes in Nîmes-Montpelier bypass construction, SETEC chose the BulldozAIR’s application. Yohann Morin, project…

Company life |

BulldozAIR will participate in BATIMAT Trade Show 2015

BulldozAIR will participate in BATIMAT, the leading trade show in construction and architecture innovations, which will take place at the…

Company life |

CEO of BulldozAIR Ali El Hariri gave an interview to “Le Monde”

Le Monde published an article “These French who dream to be their own boss” (“Ces Français qui rêvent d’être leur…

Best practices |

15 Productivity blogs that can change your life

In everyday life we are facing different problems such as stress, bad time management, disorganization, financial problems etc. All these…

Events |

Apéro Chantier

It has been a year since we created the construction afterworks - called in french apéro chantier - les afterwork…

Company life |

Why we recommend Scientipôle Croissance

Scientipôle - French fund for innovative startups - selects innovative startups and help them get seed funding : personal loans…