The future belongs to augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that integrates digital information into the real world with a help of media, such as video and 3D models of user’s environment in real time. Today many big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Sony etc. produce innovations in the field of AR. Let’s take a look into some of the most promising innovations.

Google glass
Google glass is a smart glass with sportive design and unlike most other smart glasses, it still sports a small screen to the upper right of the user’s vision. They display information in a smartphone hands free format. Google glass has such features as voice input, touch gestures, camera, location and sensors. They cannot replace our everyday gadgets such as smartphone, tablet or laptop but rather complement them.

Microsoft HoloLens
Microsoft HoloLens is smart glasses with integrated holographic computer, enabling high-definition holograms to integrate with real world. Not so long ago, Microsoft started a program “Share your ideas” where everyone can share ideas as to how hologram Lens may change the world.

Daqri Smart helmet
The helmet is mostly designed for industrial work which requires precise surrounding information as well as head protection. The helmet equipped with a true 4D display, high resolution depth sensor and 360 degree navigation cameras. The present helmet is a fusion of design elegance and the latest technology.

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