BulldozAIR Features Update: Send note via email

Our product and tech teams continuously works to make our application better, smarter and more convenient to use.

Here we would like to share with you something new today: the first of many product updates about our new features and improvements available on different platforms.

What’s New

Now you can directly send a note via email to your team, your customer or your partner even if they are not possessing BulldozAIR. This feature is accessible directly in the note view at the top right of our screen.


Furthermore, it is possible now to export notes via email. You may select all notes, if you wish then press export, choose export options and export method (local or sending by mail).


Another new element is that popin note can be seen directly on the plan. You can access the note and see all related information.


What’s Updated

  • A new navigation menu more intuitive on the left
  • Better visibility of the note status in different views
  • We improved the user experience when adding note or plan.
  • A faster app: we have made a lot of improvements that make BulldozAIR faster so you can save even more time on the field.
  • Bugs squashed: For those of you who had troubles to connect or to import certain types of files.
  • Added spanish translations

Log in now to check this out and, please contact us if you have any difficulties with our application or suggestions to its improvements.

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