Construction and Acceptance as the final stage in construction project

We continue our series of articles about construction process. In this article we will talk about the final and the main level – construction and acceptance of work.

Preparation, or the site opening statement consist in site installing, installation of fences, making site access for vehicles and set up the site board, making trenches for the network and electrical connections, water supply and evacuation of wastewater. In this stage such participants taking part as: an architect, a geometer, a head of construction etc. As a result, a construction board should be installed which will inform about the nature of works, the project manager, area etc.

Foundation and General Construction is the set of buried structures that constitutes the stability of a building and the construction can be worn without any risk of vertical (sinking) or lateral (earth pressure, sliding slopes) displacements. This phase includes laying of foundation and formwork of the building that ensures strength and stability of the building.

The enclosed structures are an external envelope (sealing, exterior joinery, dressing of facades). The idea is to create the basic structure, or the shell, of the building so it is ready for electrical, plumbing and finish contractors to work. This is the construction phase where an architect, a foreman, carpenter, construction company etc enter the process.

The mechanical level is a complex of technical installations (heating, sanitary, electricity etc). The installation of plumbing, electrical and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems is referred to as the mechanical phase of a construction project. Electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors install pipes, conduits and wires through the interior walls, ceilings and floors. Water supply and sewer lines are provided for each fixture. In this level participates an architect, a site manager, an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter etc.

Finishing is the complex of works performed to finish the project. This phase includes interior decoration (fit the lining of walls, partitions and false ceilings, doors), cladding of walls and ceilings, competing of drywall, implementation of all electrical equipment and fixtures, setting up the lighting and cleaning.

Acceptance of construction work is a final and very important phase in the construction: it marks the end of the project, transfer of title project ownership, beginning of guarantees and insurances period. Acceptance is the act by which the Client recognizes that the work was executed according to business contracts, their implementation complies with the rules of art and their destination. There are two types of acceptance: provisional (with reservations) and final (without reservations). When the acceptance accompanied by the “list of reservations” (provisional acceptance) the Client may pay half of the price. In this case, project manager has to repair defects with a limited period of time.

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