All Participants in construction project

As a matter of fact, construction is a long and difficult process and it has specific vocabulary with which you should be acquainted.

We decided to make series of articles with a small introduction into construction process which will be divided into three parts and will provide information on main construction participants, design and construction levels.

Let’s start with introduction of main participants in construction project.

Client is a private or public entity that decides to implement a project on his own cost. Client defines program, budget and construction planning of the project. Client plays a main role in the design and the construction performance. Therefore, he monitors and validates each design phase and production process. The Client has to set not only the operation’s objectives and the needs, but also he must meet constraints and requirements of social quality, town planning, architectural, functional, technical and economical insertions into the landscape and environmental protection.

Project manager is responsible for the project on behalf of the Client. He is found in the various stages of design and also follows all the steps of building completion. He concludes contracts with companies and service providers for the execution of studies and works. During the execution of the project, project manager controls the quality of materials and services, time and quantity of work performed. Project manager has to perform graphics (sketches, graphics, plans etc), written documents which describes construction precisely together with a model.

Institutions and Administrations are public institutions that issues construction authorization. It is necessary to contact them before building starts and request construction license. In certain cases, once construction is completed, the administration should give an authorization to open it to public. Public institutions have to provide a report of project compliance or non-compliance to existing regulations.

Construction controlling group (Scheduling, Construction Management and Coordinating) has a task to define an operation schedule and to coordinate various interventions in order to guarantee the timelines and a perfect site organization. The HSE coordinator (Health, Security and Environment), which ensures worker’s safety and put in place all the necessary systems for service and maintenance of the building is done safely. The Group has to provide a report about the progress of the project. Also, it is necessary to conduct a site meeting regularly (at least once a week) to review a completed work and to organize the rest of the site.

Construction company is an entity that will perform the construction. The Client and project manager choose the construction company according to their license intervention. The company can act either as general constructor or on separate areas. They maybe distinguished by those who perform general construction and those who perform architectural work.

On different levels of construction additional participants intervene such as Subcontractors are who are specialized companies handling particular part of the job (electricity, plumbing, carpenter etc).

Finally, Facility manager is the company that handles all the problems, maintenance or make improvement of the building when the construction phase is finished for the entire life of the building.

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