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News |

Porsche Design Tower – a new concept of home

With technical progress everything is possible. Now you may leave your car in your apartment. In sunny Isles Beach Miami,…

Product |

BulldozAIR features update: new user’s administration

We take into consideration all our client’s requests concerning BulldozAIR use. Our team work hard to make it better and…

News |

PopUp house as a new construction concept

Have you ever played Lego? If yes, then you will understand the PopUp house concept. PopUp house is a new…

Company life |

BulldozAIR goes to school

BulldozAIR has a long term partnership with one of the best engineering schools - ESTP Paris. Moreover, among our team…

Company life |

Ali El Hariri gave an interview to AEC Business

BuldozAIR CEO, Ali El Hariri, gave an interview to Aarni Heiskanen for AEC Business podcast where he shared reasons of…

Company life |

BulldozAIR participates in Hong Kong Mobility partner program

We have some good news to share with you: BulldozAIR was approved for Hong Kong Mobility partner program. The aim…

Uncategorized |

Ashalim Thermal Solar Power Station will be one of the biggest solar power station in the world

Ashalim Thermal Solar Power Station (Ashalim Station) is a future solar power station that is under construction in Negev desert,…

Innovation |

Construction and innovation trends for 2016

As 2016 is already here and we need to think what should we expect from this year in construction and…

Uncategorized |

10 Construction and technology blogs you should read

Nowadays you may find a big number of blogs and websites that gives advise how to handle construction project which…

Uncategorized |

The largest telescope of the world is under construction

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is building the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) on the top of Cerro Armazones mountain…

Innovation |

How 3D printing is affecting the construction industry?

Few years ago 3D printing was a concept and 3D printers were printing small parts. Nowadays 3D printing became an…

Uncategorized |

The use of drones in Construction

Today unmanned aerial vehicle or more commonly known as drone is used in different fields: agriculture, construction, energy, mine etc.…