BulldozAIR features update: new user’s administration

We take into consideration all our client’s requests concerning BulldozAIR use. Our team work hard to make it better and more adjustable to your needs. So, here we are with our new features and improvements available on different platforms.

With BulldozAIR it is possible to form a team with different roles. As such, there are five possible roles as a BuldozAIR team member, each of them has different level of permissions for available actions and data access.


Owner has the highest security level and administrative level: payments, project creation, administrator appointment. Owner has full access to the project and can make any changes.

Administrator is person who was appointed by the owner to manage the project and the team. He also has wide range of rights as well as invite other users to the project.

Collaborator is a participant invited by Administrator, can create or change notes, upload plans, tags and documents but unable to invite other users.

Reporter is a participant who can view notes, plans, tags, documents and change status for assigned note.

Viewer is a participant with a limited set of rights: view notes, plans, tags and documents and unable to make changes.

What’s new

In our previous feature’s update, we mentioned that you can directly send a note or several notes via email to your team, your customer or your partner even if they are not possessing BulldozAIR. Now this function is available on Android and iOS as well.


Now you can generate 3 types of report: complete (Word), synthetical, CSV (Excel).

For your convenience we redesigned drawing tools and added some new figures.


You can find a new note status “Submitted”.


It is possible now to add tags to a note directly from the tags list.


No you can see the author of the note in the note view and a person who made an update.

When you add a note directly to the plan, you can assign a general note to a whole plan.

BulldozAIR is now available in Spanish language.

What’s updated

  • BulldozAIR now more compatible with iOS 9.
  • Improved synchronization process and error handling.
  • Better images management.
  • Bugs squashed.
  • Performance improvement.
  • UI and UX optimization.

Log in now to check this out and, please contact us if you have any difficulties with our application or suggestions to its improvements.

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