BulldozAIR goes to school

BulldozAIR has a long term partnership with one of the best engineering schools – ESTP Paris. Moreover, among our team members we have several ESTP alumni. We even more delightful that for the new class of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as one of the professors was invited Ali El Hariri, BulldozAIR CEO and ESTP alumnus. Mr. El Hariri will share his significant experience and practical knowledges with young graduates.

For many years BIM was a part of the educational program in ESTP school Paris and in 2015, it was decided to dedicate one of it’s classes to BIM. Most of the installed equipment was provided in the virtue of ESTP Paris Foundation contribution. The official inauguration took place on October 22, 2015. It worth to mention that this class is unique in France and equipped with 93 screens and 80 working places. Each computer contains 35 essential software specialized on the design and digital model management which will allow students to finish and change the project in real time, as well as to test software compatibility.


We are so excited to be back at school! And You?

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