Construction and innovation trends for 2016

As 2016 is already here and we need to think what should we expect from this year in construction and innovation industries. So here’s some ideas for this year.

BIM will play an important role in construction

BIM (building information modeling) grow its popularity for the past years. Notwithstanding current challenges that BIM is facing (lack of tangible return on investment) it has benefits such as an ability to speed up project delivery, improve collaboration between different parties involved in a project and even help to promote a company as a technological innovator. As a matter of fact, it is still perceived as one of the most elite technology, mainly targeting big projects until a new change of habits happens in the industry.


Lack of skilled worker will still affect the construction industry

The lack of work flow is well known problem which cannot be easily resolved. Some experts name different reasons for skilled worker’s shortage such as many highly qualified workers quite the industry or laid off, talent deficit, disinterest in construction etc. Also we should take into consideration that many professionals prefer to work as interims because it gives them some independence. Therefore, they can work on the construction project from few days till few month and can leave any time. It worse to mention that young generation is no longer attracted by construction and physical site work which is influenced by many factors. One of the main is technological addiction because younger generation use lots of applications in their everyday life, so in order to bring their interest in construction it is necessary to add the use or technologies in the field

Offsite/modular construction will become a new trend

Offsite or modular construction is a process according to which the building is constructed offsite under controlled plant conditions, using same materials and design as conventionally build facilities but in less time. Building are produced in “modules” and after put together on site, therefore it saves time for construction because “modules” will be produced at the same time as a foundation. Offsite construction ensure better construction quality management, improves safety and security of site work and reduces waste.


Security concern remains

Every year in different construction sites some incident or accidents occur, in spite of different security regulations implementation. One of the reasons is that managing construction sites are becoming more and more legal and administrative and it rely less on good management and technical skills which lead to negative consequences. Contractors are facing personal responsibility for any of the accidents. Therefore, in order to avoid different lawsuits construction companies will keep providing it’s workers with strict security rules on one hand, and state officials will continue to sue contractors for unsafe practice on the other.

Sustainable construction will grow

As people’s concern about sustainability and environment grows, they try to circle themselves with surroundings that may preserve environment. On one hand, state adopts environmental regulations which makes construction companies to have more efficient constructions (new or refurnished) which brings positive effect. On the other hand, it raises a question of money because investors or real estate developers overly communicate on performance of their green programs. Therefore, the it’s not just a trend to produce environmentally friendly structures but a conscious choice, as well as consumer’s demand, high quality results and lifecycle cost savings.


This is a small list of construction and innovation trends for 2016. If you also have some ideas for the following year you may share with us.

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