Updates for the Fall: Enhanced Reporting Feature

We are excited to share that we just rolled up a new version of the report generation service in BulldozAIR! Our engineering team is constantly refining our services to offer you a seamless experience within our application.

So, what’s new?

Enhanced filtering feature!

We rebuilt the filtering feature to better map the project, breaking the content down into different sections — priority, tags, contributors etc. — so it’s clear where to go for the information you need at each stage.


Generate reports faster!

The application is now much more user friendly for you to generate reports in just a few clicks. All tasks in the report generation process are fully executed in parallel to provide maximum performance of the service. Now you can also use previous settings for future report generation. On top of that, most of the reports are generated and sent to you in a few seconds!

Retrieve your reports in a flash!

You can now view all the reports generated in BulldozAIR. Check the current status of the report generation from our part  — pending, building or done — and keep up with the process. No need to search your email to get your reports — you have a full history of the reports you generated in the past within the application.


We’ve aimed to make BulldozAIR the single best place to track work of your entire site — from day 1 until today. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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