New BulldozAIR feature: Geolocalize your note indoor or outdoor

Our project team and developers are working assiduously to enhance the ergonomics and overall efficiency of our application. In this article about the new BulldozAIR features, we are delighted to introduce a major innovation in the development of our application, namely, the Geolocalization feature.

With this new feature you can now precisely localize all your notes, tasks and observations, regardless of the location of your building site.
The new feature allows you to localize your notes directly, according to your current position or on other work sites by pinning your notes on a map, or by using the GPS coordinates of the site.

This feature will enable you to save time on the management of your outdoor projects, especially for:
– Projects in pre-building phases which require precise localization and which have few or no landmarks;
– Linear projects such as the construction of roads, railways, power lines or energy networks; and
– Projects with a wide operating area, such as the implementation of new traffic lights in a town, or of a windmill field.

We had already introduced the indoor localization feature which enabled you to pin your notes on a plan. Today, with the outdoor localization feature, BulldozAIR now offers the full capacity of localization.

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