Interview with Emmanuel Valenti, CEO of the Group Qovans

Emmanuel Valenti, CEO of the Group Qovans, tells us about the use of BulldozAIR in the frame of his company. In particular, Emmanuel Valenti explains to us that the group chooses to offer to its customers, the possibility of communicating directly via BulldozAIR, to provide a better reactivity and efficiency of service.

Could you introduce your group and your function?

My name is Emmanuel Valenti, I am the CEO of the group Qovans, which includes the companies Qovans Industries and Qovans Services, which do the manufacture and the installation of movable partitions/dividers, sanitary cubicles and furniture panels.

Movable dividers represent our core business, with 50% of our sales revenue under the brands Clips and Partena. We are working on building sites of many sizes, from the breakdown service to some very big operations, such as the Project of the Minister of Defence with more than 50, 000 square meters of partitions to implement.

Have you used BulldozAIR on the building site of the Ministry of Defence?

BulldozAIR has been very useful for this building site. Indeed, we had to install partitions in more than 4 km of corridor, in a record time. For a site with such a horizontal surface, we needed to accurately divide the area in level zones, and to index all specific places, and BulldozAIR was really the right tool to enable us to do that while working on the building site. We were happy to have found a tool like BulldozAIR.

Generally speaking, how do you use BulldozAIR?

We primarily use BulldozAIR to improve our internal communication. Indeed, since our manufacturing site is located 300 km away from the sites of installation on average, and because we are working on the region of Ile de France as a whole, where commuting between different building sites can be time-consuming. Efficient tool to improve communication between the different collaborators is crucial to save time and increase reactivity.
Generally speaking, this is one of the main benefits, I would say, offered by BulldozAIR.

Also, the Qovans Group has decided to incorporate BulldozAIR in its external communication with our customers. Therefore, we introduced the software to our customers, and we used it in the construction phasesas a reporting tool and in the long term as a follow-up tool for the maintenance of our products.

Could you tell us more about how you use BulldozAIR for the follow-up of your product with your customers?

In the sector of the movable partition, we often work on areas with important surfaces. Therefore, the implementation of a maintenance operation is often complicated, in particular to the localization of the product and the plan update.

So, to make the maintenance process easier for our customers, we give them a tablet with the BulldozAIR software. When a maintenance operation is required, instead of exchanging mails with photos, WGs or PDF plans, our customers can send us the details directly through the app. When all the work is done, we update the relevant plans also in the app.

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