BulldozAIR speaks at event of Foncière des Regions

On Tuesday 12th of December, BulldozAIR had the great opportunity to speak at an innovation workshop organized by Foncière des Regions (FDR), one of the biggest real estate firms in France. The event took place at a conference center in Georges V, near the historic Place de l’Étoile. The theme of operational excellence was discussed by the teams of the operations segment of FDR, as well as the invited startups, considered to be outstanding innovators on their respective fields.

As once said by the head of the innovation department Philippe Boyer “Today it is impossible to innovate alone, we need both top-down and bottom-up approaches to change the way we work”. For FDR, developing partnerships and establishing relationships with innovators in industries linked to real estate is essential to create an innovation ecosystem able to change current practices and jumpstart productivity.

This is why the real estate firm invited the startups to share their stories and communicate how they have achieved operational excellence through their pioneering solutions. Among the invited speakers, we could find XtreeE, developer of large-scale 3D printing technology, Realiz3d, service provider of design and broadcasting of virtual and augmented reality on all kinds of digital devices, or Jobbers, digital concierge for the B2C and B2B markets.

The workshop opened with speakers from FDR who discussed the importance of innovation and how it represents a fundamental value for the firm. Moreover, this interest in innovation from the business also conveys a great potential to become a critical asset in accomplishing challenging goals like the development of the buildings of the future.

BulldozAIR’s participation focused on its own experience on time-efficiency and communication problems in clients. Represented by Thomas Lesachey and Charly Vanhaecke from the sales and implementation team, BulldozAIR illustrated how the solution tackled inefficiencies in some business’s processes, especially thanks to the simplification of site visits and the automation of reports. This way, the solution alleviated users’ workload and enabled them to attain operational excellence. Attendants from FDR were also encouraged to ask questions and communicate their opinions, creating an insightful session that allowed them to receive immediate feedback on ideas and problems they were facing in their day-to-day activities.

In conclusion, BulldozAIR was very glad to be able to present their solution and offer their knowledge on effective practices to boost productivity on sites. Moreover, this event also provided the opportunity to witness how other pioneering solutions in linked fields were able to tackle a wide range of productivity issues in entirely different ways with remarkable results.

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