BulldozAIR speaks at Real Estech’s After-Work

This past November 30th, BulldozAIR had the privilege of being invited to speak at the 7th after-work of Real Estech, a French organization with the aim of helping the growth of startups in the real estate industry by facilitating cooperation and guidance from already established innovators in the sector. 

The event took place at the auditorium of La Sorbonne, one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world, and discussed the theme of future challenges in real estate and construction. The auspicious occasion also included the participation of SOGEPROM and Pichet, significant players in the development of real estate in France, as well as successful digital pioneers in the sector such as Lokora and Quasiaqui. It gathered nearly 300 attendants made up of real estate developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

BulldozAIR had the pleasure to speak about its positive experience on the globally renowned Y Combinator, an American seed accelerator responsible for boosting the development of fast-growing startups such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, among many others. The speech was well received, and many of the participants showcased a real interest in applying to the renowned incubator.

As an expert in the construction tech industry, CEO Ali El Hariri shared his opinions on the growth of digital in the construction industry and the lessons learned at the prestigious Silicon Valley incubator. The speech demonstrated, through real examples, how BulldozAIR aided clients, like Bouygues and RIVP, in the setup of a standardized framework for the digitization of project management and construction processes all throughout the organization regardless of the kind of contractors they might work with. The speech illustrated how vital is the role of real estate developers and business’s asset managers on the successful implementation of these innovation initiatives.

To effectively support large enterprises in their journey to digitization, BulldozAIR encourages the setup of process standards that not just align with the business’ practices but are also promoted as the unique standard among all the contractors that the company operates with. Decision makers of real estate and construction should take the lead and assign a more passive role to contractors so as to establish a successful standardized process that streamlines work and improves productivity.

In conclusion, BulldozAIR was proud to have attended this insightful event as the expert of digital technology in the construction sector specialized in facilitating real estate developers and business’s asset managers set suitable standards for reporting and collaboration. Finally, BulldozAIR was also delighted with the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs in their growth journey by sharing its experience in the successful Californian incubator.

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