BulldozAIR is a member of Impulse Partners’s Infrastructure & Mobility accelerator!

This past January, BulldozAIR was selected to integrate the privileged Infrastructure and Mobility unit created by Impulse Partners. The initiative hopes to facilitate the building of innovative ecosystems between startups and large groups, thus promoting innovation in the sectors of construction, real estate, and energy. The Infrastructure and Mobility unit focuses on developing technologies and solutions that enable shared-usages, open-data, asset optimization, space modularity, smooth mobility and low nuisance construction sites in the sectors.

The jury in charge of selecting the most promising startups to integrate the unit was comprised by Thibaud Chambert-Loir and Damien Brochot from Nexity, Mathilde Hébert and Jonathan Bainee from Saint-Gobain, Louis de Boisgrollier from Vinci and Thomas Le Diouron from Impulse partners. BulldozAIR is honored to receive the highest mark among its contenders which evaluated differentiation of the offer, innovative character, team’s ability to further develop the business, financial stability, maturity and evolution of the target market, as well as other criteria.

This achievement grants BulldozAIR the incredible opportunity to connect with large and influential groups such as Eurovia, Vinci, ADP, Saint-Gobain, Nexity, Bouygues Construction, SNCF, among many others. The platform allows BulldozAIR to access valuable insights from industry leaders, businesses guidance, potential collaborations, and other relevant assets to continue growing and improving productivity in construction.

In conclusion, BulldozAIR is eager to become a valuable asset for Impulse Partners as well as all the other groups participating in the initiative. Thanks to its great know-how of the construction sector, its dynamic attitude and its innovative solution, BulldozAIR aims to support the digitization of the sector and help businesses achieve their operational excellence.

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