Technology for the toughest environments

We have all dropped our phones at some point in our lives, the lucky ones can pick up theirs and find everything still works as it should, however, many of us have found ourselves with a shattered screen or a completely useless phone. The struggle of buying a new one and how much time consuming it is to add the necessary data back to an empty device is exhausting, on top of this, we know it doesn’t take much to break a phone or to render a laptop hopeless.

In normal conditions, tech is already fragile so when you start using different devices in extreme conditions, you don’t expect for them to last. However, this situation not only makes you lose time but also represents a huge cost if there is a need for constant replacements. Thankfully, many companies are working towards building devices for people that operate in harsh environments. Here is a list of the most outstanding rugged devices for 2017.

    • Panasonic – Toughbook 31
      This laptop not only has drop-shock protection but also packs a powerful Intel Core i5 processor and 4G connection, delivering performance and durability at the same time. With a full magnesium alloy case and a MIL-STD-810G certification, this laptop can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, sand and dust exposure, random vibration and even explosive environments. It is a must have for any type of job that is exposed to extreme conditions.

    • Panasonic – Toughpad FZ-A2
      This tablet operates Android and has an Intel Atom x5 processor. However, its performance does not compromise its durability as this tablet also has 5 feet drop resistance and a MIL-STD-810G certification which means it is able to support military severe conditions. The tablet also offers an 8MP camera at the back and a 2MP camera in the front, as well as a bar code reader and a user-replaceable battery to help your performance at work.

    • CAT – S60 Phone
      This new release from CAT covers all the necessary requirements someone in a tough environment could think of. The phone is not only 1.8m drop-proof but also is completely waterproof, with their unique Lockdown Switch the S60 can endure being under 5 meters of water for one complete hour while remaining completely functional and even able to take underwater pictures and videos. Other unique features are also the ability to use the phone with gloves on, a 13 MP camera and the ability to take thermal imagery using MSX Technology exclusive to FLIR.

    • Incipio – Phone Cases
      Not everyone is ready to commit to technology or gadgets specifically made for tough environments as it might not be a daily necessity for some, however, once in a while, we might need a solution to protect our devices in case we need to confront a tough atmosphere. In this situation, we can trust Incipio and their protective cases for a wide range of devices. Options like their BOMBPROOF iPhone case offer excellent protection by using DermaSHOT® high-density silicon in order to withstand even military drop tests. Their NGP line of cases for numerous devices is made out of a shock absorbing material with a non-slip grip that endures drop tests up to 1 meter high, offering an excellent protection for all of your gadgets.

Thanks to all of these forward-thinking solutions from businesses, people can now enjoy using their devices without the worry and stress brought by harsh environments and truly appreciate their moments outdoor. Whether its work or leisure, now you can be protected against every drop or wet environment possible.

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