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Best practices |

What is an EDM (Electronic Document Management)?

EDM (Electronic Document Management) is a platform that allows us to centralize and collaborate around the documents of a construction…

Best practices |

10 steps to stay productive even under stress

Unexpected setbacks, large projects or even the upcoming holidays cutting time to accomplish our objectives can trigger stress. Every employee…

Best practices |

6 Reasons why your construction business needs a digital solution

The construction industry has been slow to adopt digital initiatives. This situation has allowed other sectors to take advantage of…

Best practices |

Accountability: the path to a successful business

Out of the plethora of capabilities required for managers, accountability represents the single most important skill to ensure the good…

Best practices |

Employee engagement: the secret productivity tool of construction

Most businesses recognize employee engagement as a critical issue for any enterprise success. After-work activities and satisfaction surveys are a…

Best practices |

Preparing your construction team for digital tools

In today’s connected world, we can access relevant information at any time, communicate with someone on the opposite side of…

Best practices |

Planning your project: 5 steps to success

People have a tendency to underestimate time. We tend to be overconfident of our abilities and ignore smaller details that…

Best practices |

Ten ways to overcome the open office dilemma

Open offices were invented in the early 20th century by a group of German architects who saw walls as barriers…

Best practices |

The right way to implement a collaborative approach

Collaboration is an incredibly intangible but powerful asset for any business as it can improve problem-solving, creativity, productivity and even…

Best practices |

19 rules to make meetings worth your time

Everyone has attended or witnessed a meeting at some point in their life. Meetings are great communication and planning tools;…

Best practices |

How to achieve strategic thinking?

Strategies are the center of any business. Without a clear strategy, it is really difficult for any company, big or…

Best practices |

10 habits that will make you accomplish more

Have you ever woken up one day, hoping to get things done, only to realize at the end of the…